Saturday, October 28, 2017

Here are some items I have in my "store".    They can be purchased with Paypal . 

Tiny Reindeer brooch   $20

Back or pin side

Old Vintage style Santa or St. Nick    from cottonwood  ,  pine base and found wood tree.  $70

Vintage look Santa from side.

Relief carved hummingbird on Imu egg on  burl base $75

Stylized Angel Ascending  in found wood.  $65

OOAK  Original Oak Pendant and Earrings  Set  
Carved from yellow heart exotic wood,  teak and sycamore   $70

Original  Bug eaten Oak Brooch with teak geiko  $65 
Design looks thin like real leaf but has been stabilized and is quite sturdy
This multi colored geico is a pin or brooch and resembles tri color metal.  It has taken first in several shows because of it's unique design.  $85

Ball jointed  Carved wood cat.  $250

Jointed carved ball jointed Reindeer.   Their 4 legs, head, tail and ears all move.   $95
There are two reindeer available at this time.  They are close to the same size but  are slightly different in color and features. 
Santa in his union suit it awaiting his color.
The reindeer are the perfect size to pull this Santa's  sled

I do offer a discount for multiple purchases shipped at the same time.  I only charge actual shipping and packaging .  

Here are some  items I am working on for a client .  I believe they are all spoken for but will be sure within  the next week .
The woman gathering eggs for market and of course, her hens and rooster.

The chicken house was not finished when photo was taken.  It will be this years contribution to this families Nativity scene.

Soft bodied  doll with carved wood head and hands
With second outfit

All carved wood doll with moveable arms, legs, head and pigtails
From the back

Nightgown or second outfit,  story book and tiny clown not included. 

Work in Progress  4 of 6 animal pairs for a rolling Ark 

You can always contact me thru Facebook .

Friday, September 23, 2016

I am starting a new way to contact folks when a new creation is ready.   I am going to try using Mail Chimp to contact you via email.   Not all emails are compatible with Mail Chimp so you may also want to follow me on Facebook.   I will be sending photos of new dolls available to those that sign up.


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Friday, April 29, 2016

While walking in the deep woods near her house,  Miss Hickory came upon a baby squirrel up in a tree.  It was so tiny.

The little squirrel jumped down and she realized that it wasn't even tall enough to reach the swing.

Little Squirrel hopped right into Miss Hickory's arms.  

I hope she knows what she is doing.  

Miss Hickory decided to take the tiny squirrel home .  Squirrel was up to no good while Miss Hickory napped. 

Miss Hickory awoke with such a start  as squirrel rolled off the bed laughing.
NOT FUNNY   squirrel.   Not funny at all.   Poor Miss Hickory.  Beware taking strangers home, even sweet looking ones.  

Squirrel is listed on Ebay now 4/29/2016  
Here is the link

Monday, February 29, 2016


             "Ha ha ha,"  Rabbit said.   "Look at that big silly tail and you don't have whiskers either!"

     Poor squirrel was horrified that he was whisker less and had a huge tail.  He didn't know squirrels have big bushy tails.

"Come here little squirrel and sit on my lap."      

"Look, that rabbit doesn't have a tail," Heather said.    

Now rabbit was horrified.

"It's ok,   we love you just the way you are.  Let's be friends instead of teasing each other. "

We all have our differences, but it doesn't make us any lesser.  What a world it would be if we saw the good in people instead of what makes them different.
Sssshhhh don't tell anyone.  leave a comment and you might win a small jointed animal.  If you don't have a Google account, then email me

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The woods seemed oddly quiet and Marriah decided to check things out.  She was curious about the pumpkin house and if it was still there or had vanished.  From the trees, she could see the glow coming from the pumpkin house.
It was all set up for Halloween with those phoney skeletons and even a black cat.  She assumed that it was going to be a haunted house used to scare boys and girls.  She crept closer to peek in one window.
She could see a shelf with strange things like jars filled with eyeballs, fairy dust and hearts.  She looked the other way and there sat that same witch.   She thought she should stop peeking in the window and introduce herself.
Just as she reached the door, a movement caught her eye and sent her running.
One of the skeletons suddenly stood up!  Marriah  threw up her hands and ran.  She stopped long enough to look back briefly and saw the witch and the skeleton riding the black cat.
She fainted dead away.
The old witch sat down on her front porch and held her skeleton pal.  She enjoyed frightening the Hitty's away so she could live alone.   The Hitty's were always laughing and trying on clothes, something this old witch hated.
Marriah revived and ran back to the Hitty house and vowed never to go into the dark woods again.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Hittys had been hearing building sounds coming from the deep woods.  Two brave ones decided to go and check the noises out.  They walked  thru the woods until they came upon a clearing surrounded by a white fog.  There, in the center was a large orange building.
                                             " Oh, check this out!"   Hitty Hanna exclaimed.

She pushed the door open and stepped inside.   She wanted to see what the inside of this strange house looked like.

"I don't think it is a good idea,"  Hitty Mariah warned.  "We shouldn't trespass ."

Just then, Mariah heard a weird and frightening sound.  

"Eeeeks, it's a witch on her magic brush! "  Mariah squealed.   " Run Hannah, run!"

But it was too late,   the witch had landed her magic brush and Hannah was trapped inside.
Ezmeralda was going to check out the caulking job on the door and windows.  She had no idea the girls were there.  Mariah had to do something to help Hannah get out of the house.

"Hey you!   Yeah you witch.   You can't catch me!"  Marriah called as she ran off

The witch laughed and chased after her.  
As the witch chased her, Hannah quickly ran out of the house.  Lucky for Marriah, she was able to vanish in the white fog .  She and Hannah swore they would never trespass again, at least not until next time!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I have been reading Art Dolls Quarterly and decided to enter their Black and White Challenge.  I am still debating over what to call her.  Ophelia, Leilah or Angelena are my final choices.  Angelena came about when I dressed her and she struck the famous Angelina Jolie pose with her shapely leg sticking out of the split in her gown.  

She is  ball jointed for more play   She stands alone and can sit  quite nicely too.  She is wearing a long black and white crocheted evening gown.  I am calling the entry, "Not just Black and White."  Black and white to me is unwavering and unwilling to see others ideas.  As an artist, I see many of the shades in between plain black and white.  I am a self taught artist so I frequently bend the rules, to make things more pleasing.  Many times, I do things others say are impossible.  I can do them, because I never learned they were impossible. There are no failures, just reasons to not repeat that process again.

My entry,  (yet unnamed), is carved from Basswood. She represents my view on a black and white world. She represents my beliefs that the world is not simply black and white.  The shocking pink boa and silky painted short catsuit show how some things are definitely not black or white, but can still coexist with them.

I used the pink boa and silkie short cat suit as the something unexpected.

Let me know what you think about her name choices.